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RightSync PRO is a product by Alltek Holdings, the parent company of Alltek Support and Alltek Virtual. Alltek has been providing top-notch, creative IT support and solutions to businesses in the Metro Atlanta area since 2004. As a well established Technology company, our vision has grown from simply maintaining and supporting technology, to finding ways to do IT better. This means looking beyond traditional client/server networking to innovative Cloud solutions. In 2009, Alltek Virtual was launched as the Cloud Computing division of Alltek Holdings. Alltek Virtual provides a complete virtual office solution, including email, storage, Microsoft licensing, Office applications, and a myriad of other services, all over the web. This allowed small businesses to do away with traditional server systems and operate entirely from the Cloud.


Our vision with RightSync PRO was to provide a product that was more affordable than our full Cloud solution, but could still provide compelling benefits to businesses. This product can replace traditional file backups, be used instead of a file server for a smaller company, or turn an existing file server into a Cloud service with just a few clicks. The idea of universal access to data, simple user interface, and robust security, all for a very affordable cost led to this exciting product launch. Our vision is to deliver simple products that work in synergy with your workflow without adding to the complexity of your daily operations.


If you share our vision and would like to get started, be sure to start a Free 30-day Trial (no credit card required).

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